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Sal Maxwell

Hello everyone, my name is Sal Maxwell, and I am the creator of Coffee Makers Expert.

To be honest, I am a tech geek, an engineer, a programmer, an entrepreneur and a blogger. I love searching for some of the tech world’s best topics and writing my honest and unbiased reviews and opinions.

In terms of coffee-making, as the title of this site says, I am one of those coffee addicts. I am enjoying different types of Coffee from many wonderful Coffee Makers out there for years and years. Based on practical day-to-day experience, I created this wonderful blog to help everyone using our practical coffee experiences.

I search for some of the most demanding queries regarding coffee and coffee makers and then write detailed posts on these for my readers. All these reviews/ blogs/ posts are written from the core of the heart and practical experiences.

I truly love my work and am passionate about this never-ending journey.

Thanks a lot for visiting our site. If you have any queries or suggestions, or just want to say hi and have a nice chat over a cup of Coffee,  contact us freely.

Happy Coffee Making…..

Momi Sal

Hi everyone, it’s me, Momi Sal, the co-creator of Coffee Makers Expert.

I am a textile and fashion designer as well as a cooking expert. When it comes to the kitchen, the most wonderful experience is Coffee. Plunging into the internet world to discover something new about Coffee, is my most enjoyable hobby.

Whether it is making Coffee, or searching for Coffee recipes, or different Coffee Hacks, etc. is my passion for the last few years.

I write detailed and comprehensive articles on the topics that most Coffee Addicts search for. I aim to provide you with some great and amazing Coffee-making guides, tutorials, and other relevant information to help you make delicious Coffee at home.

You’re more than welcome to contact us freely at Coffee Makers Expert by using the contact page

Thanks for reading, and Happy Coffee-ing!

momi sal

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