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0. coffee makers boil water

Do Coffee Makers Boil Water – Secrets revealed

Whenever you make a pot of coffee, you know that the coffee is piping hot. I know it sounds crazy but looking at this hot coffee, one wonders do coffee makers boil water? We know coffee makers can also be used for some other purposes such as making tea or as a funny thing, some people even use coffee makers to make soup or noodles (never try this, LOL).

0. instant coffee in a coffee maker

Can you Use Instant Coffee in a Coffee Maker? Expert Guide

Many people enjoy the versatility and convenience of instant coffee, but can you put instant coffee in a coffee maker? A standard coffee machine may treat you to a great cup of joe, but what about when instant is all that’s available at home? Will it be too weak and watery or nasty-tasting? You might experiment by trying all these, but is it really a good idea to use instant coffee in any coffee machine?

0. evaporated milk in coffee

Can You Use Evaporated Milk in Coffee – Tested Guide

Some people like their coffee in its natural bitter form, with its full aroma and taste. Most coffee lovers, however, prefer to drink their coffee with milk. Some of these milk based coffees include latte, macchiato and café breve. Similarly, instead of milk adding coffee creamer is also a normal practice. However, if you run out of regular milk and only have evaporated milk on hand, can you use evaporated milk in coffee?

0. how long does coffee last in the fridge

How Long Does Coffee Last in the Fridge – Expert Guide

For preservation of coffee or to use it as an iced coffee or cold beverage, some people keep their coffee in the fridge. Especially in hot summer days, it is always handy to consume and enjoy some really cold beverage in the form of coffee. However, a question always come to mind, how long does coffee last in the fridge?

0. best coffee tampers - detailed guide

Coffee Tampers – Uses, Types and Best Coffee Tampers

One always looks for ways to improve coffee when they are in love with it. There are number of different coffee recipes, however, an espresso is the most important one.  A number of other coffee drinks such as latte or cappuccino are prepared from espresso shots in different concentration. When brewing espresso, whether using a coffee machine or manually, for example, on the stovetop, you need a tool such as a coffee tamper.

1. how to use a keurig coffee maker

How to Use a Keurig Coffee Maker – Detailed Ultimate Guide

Keurig machines can be found in almost every household. The reason is these are simple to use, cost-effective and provides with a great coffee without any hassle. Though there are number of coffee makers that provide you with an ultimate taste and ease of use, but Kuerig has evolved as a universal brand in the field of coffee making. However, a common question from first-time users is, “How to use a Keurig coffee maker?”

how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar

How to Clean a Coffee Maker without Vinegar – 13 Super Easy Ways

As a coffee addict, every one of us want to enjoy a fresh cup of their favorite coffee from a neat and clean coffee maker. A coffee maker is definitely going to become dirty with each usage. If not cleaned properly, the dirt may accumulate permanently and can give rise to some dangerous bacteria. So, it is critically important to make sure your coffee maker is cleaned properly in order to remove any germs and dirt.