0. Can Ninja Grind Coffee Beans

Can Ninja Grind Coffee Beans? Discover the Secrets

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    We all know how difficult it can be to get a good cup of coffee, but you might be surprised to learn that grinding the beans can take twice as long as you thought. Coffee beans are small, and if you want your beans to taste right, it’s essential to grind them correctly. We know that Ninja produces some of the best coffee making products, but can Ninja grind coffee beans?

    0. Can Ninja Grind Coffee Beans

    The answer is yes. We have tested Ninja’s grinder and it really does work well! The Ninja Coffee Grinder is the most popular grinder on the market today. We’ve tried many other grinders over the years and we can easily say that whether it is coffee beans, ice, some dry fruits, leafy vegetables such as spinach, frozen chunks of vegetables, or fruits; grinding performance of Ninja is quite exemplary.

    What is Ninja Blender or Grinder?

    Ninja Coffee Blenders are the new generation of high-performance coffee grinders. These blenders have a wide variety of uses. They are used for grinding beans, making espresso, brewing coffee, blending drinks, making smoothies, making protein shakes, etc. Ninja Coffee Blenders are extremely powerful and efficient. They can be used by anyone, at any time.

    A Ninja Grinder is a coffee grinder that is small in size. This machine is known to be used for making many things like powder, butter, sauces, ketchup, tomato sauce, etc. Therefore, if you want to grind coffee beans, you should not be worried. You can grind coffee beans with a Ninja Grinder. The reason behind the fame of Ninja Grinder is the fact that it is a very compact machine.

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    How to Blend Coffee Beans in a Ninja Blender

    In order to get a perfect and hassle free grinding using Ninja, you can follow the step by step method given below:

    ◉ Choosing your Favorite Coffee

    There is no one definitive answer to this question. Everyone has different preferences, so it is impossible to choose a favorite coffee. Some people may prefer dark roasts, others may prefer light roasts, and others may prefer flavored coffees. So go for your favorite flavor coffee beans.

    ◉ Get the Blender Ready

    If you are grinding coffee beans, you want to make sure that the blender is clean and free of any residue that could clog the blades. You’ll need to make sure that the blender is completely dry and clean.

    It’s a good idea to check whether the power supply is connected before grinding beans in a blender. Most blenders come with a power cord that connects to an electrical outlet, whereas some of these are battery operated grinders as well.

    So pick up your favorite Ninja blender and ensure that everything is intact. 

    ◉ Determine the Texture

    After you’ve prepped your blender for the grinding process, you should evaluate what sort of texture you want. Always determine the texture and grind consistency, before you even start preparing your grinding machine. Whether you want it coarse or fine, you should decide it well ahead according to your coffee recipe requirements.

    ◉ Using Pulse Grinding

    Pulse grinding is a type of grinding where the material is pulsed through a rotating grinding wheel at a high speed. This high speed grinding results in a finer ground material.

    For grinding beans perfectly using Ninja, never try to grind all whole beans at once. Otherwise, you will not get an even consistency and the grind will be in the form of lumps instead of fine powder. Therefore, pour some beans, grind, remove the grounds, put in some more beans and grind again. You should give some rest to your Ninja grinder and then wait for some moments before pouring another batch.

    ◉ Coarse to Fine Grind

    As explained above, you have to decide in advance how much coarse or fine you want to grind. If you want your grounds in their complete finesse powder form, you may run 2 to 3 grinding cycles on a single batch of beans. On the contrary, for coarse grounds, you can run a single complete cycle and check if the grinding level fulfills your requirements.

    ◉ Cleaning the Ninja Grinder

    After the entire grinding process there comes the cleaning job. Not cleaning your grinder will make it go rusty, which is hazardous to both health and the machine. You can remove all the removable parts and give them a proper rinse and then let them dry.

    One can also use dishwasher for cleaning purpose as well. Make sure your blender is properly dried and free of any moisture.

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    Can Ninja Blender Grind Dry Ingredients and Spices? 

    Evidently, the answer is yes.

    1. Ninja Coffee Grinder and Blender

    To start with, you can grind dry spices and herbs like basil, mint, and cilantro. These are very easy to grind and you can use a normal coffee grinder such as Ninja for that purpose. You can also use your Ninja Grinder to grind even dry nuts and seeds. Instructions: The process is almost similar.

    • Add all the ingredients to your Ninja Grinder.
    • Turn the Ninja Grinder on to the lowest speed and slowly grind the ingredients into a powder.
    • Grind until required finesse is achieved.

    Can You Use Ninja Master Prep to Grind Coffee Beans? 

    Yes, Ninja Master Prep can be used to grind coffee beans. It is an easy to use and efficient coffee grinder. Ninja Master Prep has a high-speed motor, and a simple design that allows for grinding a wide variety of coffee types and sizes.

    Using Ninja Master Prep is a very simple and inexpensive way to grind coffee beans. Though, it is not the most efficient method, but it is one of the easiest.

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    Can You Grind Coffee Beans In A Ninja Bullet? 

    Yes, a Magic Bullet blender does work well for grinding coffee beans. Put the ingredients in the bowl and attach the handle in a firm manner. Then you need to Line up the tabs of the cup and base of the blender. You have to make sure both of these are aligned before pressing the cup onto the blender.

    Next thing is to apply pressure and start the grinding process. For this, push down on the cup and twist to lock it in place.

    Best Ninja Blenders for Coffee Beans

    Sadly, the original 12 tablespoons Ninja Spice grinder is no more available for now. The product has been discontinued and there is no information whether it will be available in future.
    However, as compared to the Ninja pro spice grinder, Ninja has provided with some other advanced and updated blenders that can be used for several different grinding/ blending purposes.
    Some of the best ninja blenders for coffee beans in 2022 are given below:
    Ninja BL660 Professional Compact  Blender
    Ninja BL660 Professional Compact Blender
    Ninja BL480D Nutri Personal Countertop Blender
    Ninja BL480D Nutri Personal Countertop Blender
    Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender
    Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender

    Why you should go for a Ninja blender ? Pros and Cons

    Some of the prominent pros and cons of a Ninja blender and grinding beans using it are given below:

    • Easy to clean
    • Compact size
    • Quick grinding
    • Budget friendly
    • Flavors preservation
    • Introduces slight bitterness
    • Consistency is not perfect

    Grinding Coffee Beans with Ninja – FAQs

    ◉ Can You Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder?

    There are a few ways to grind coffee beans without a grinder. One way is to use a food processor. Another way is to use a mortar and pestle or rolling pin. However, it is prefereable to use a coffee grinder or at least a compatible blender such as Ninja.

    ◉ Can you use a blender to grind coffee beans? 

    Yes, you can use a blender to grind coffee beans. Blender blades will easily break down the beans into a powder For some blenders, you may have to grind your beans longer, or use a different type of blender. Some blenders don’t work well with whole beans, or if you are using a blender with the ‘chop’ setting, the beans may be too large for the blender to chop.

    ◉ What is the best way to grind coffee beans? 

    There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people prefer to use a coffee grinder, while others prefer to use a coffee bean mill. Ultimately, the best way to grind your coffee beans depends on your personal preferences. But it is preferable to buy some good portable grinder to get a best coffee grinding experience.

    ◉ How fine do you grind coffee beans? 

    The finer you grind the coffee beans, the more flavor and aroma they will release. Coarsely ground coffee will release more flavor, but it will also be more difficult to brew. So, it is all dependent on your choice of coffee drink recipe and flavor.

    Will Ninja Grind Coffee Beans? – Conclusion

    Ninja Coffee Blenders are the new generation of high-performance coffee grinders. These blenders have a wide variety of uses. But for coffee snobs, a question is can Ninja grind coffee beans? After detailed discussion, we can easily deduce that due to powerful high powered blades, Ninja Coffee Blenders can grind a wide variety of coffee beans without any issue.

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