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Do Coffee Makers Boil Water – Secrets revealed

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    Whenever you make a pot of coffee, you know that the coffee is piping hot. I know it sounds crazy but looking at this hot coffee, one wonders do coffee makers boil water? We know coffee makers can also be used for some other purposes such as making tea or as a funny thing, some people even use coffee makers to make soup or noodles (never try this, LOL).

    0. coffee makers boil water

    As a quick answer, though coffee makers heat water to a certain temperature (195 to 205 degrees F), still these temperatures do not touch or cross the boiling point of water (100 degrees C or 212 degrees F). Therefore, you can say that coffee makers can easily heat water to a certain high temperature, however, once it comes to boiling, the coffee maker doesn’t do it.

    After reading this detailed article, you will easily get every answer you are looking for regarding boiling water in a coffee maker.

    What is Boiling Water?

    In terms of water, there is a clear difference between heating and boiling. Simply, the difference between both these terms is a matter of temperature. Heating is a process of increasing the temperature of the water, whereas boiling is exceeding 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F (at sea level).

    At this temperature, the water is already hot enough, that even a slight further increase in temperature causes the water to boil. It means that bubbles start forming on the surface which even produces steam! The reason is water droplets absorb so much temperature that water molecules start converting from liquid to vapor form.

    Perfect Water Temperature for Coffee Makers

    We know that a freshly brewed cup of coffee is quite hot and sometimes one has to wait for some moments to let it cool down. However, as we know from the above discussion the boiling point of water is 100 degrees C or 212 degrees F.

    When it comes to an optimum temperature for coffee brewing, it should always be less than the boiling point of water. The reason is at boiling point the water starts boiling, making vapors, converting water into steam. This will not only ruin the taste and aroma but will also disturb the coffee-making composition.

    That is why every coffee maker works in the range of 195 to 205 degrees F, having the highest temperature at least 7 degrees F lesser than the boiling point. You will find some of the coffee makers working in the range of 185 degrees F. However, at this temperature, the coffee doesn’t bloom properly and you will not get a coffee’s perfect and natural taste.

    Do Coffee Makers Boil Water in Coffee Making?

    Every coffee maker is equipped with a heating element, responsible for providing optimum heat. The water is heated to a desired programmed temperature. This temperature ranges from 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit to give a perfect and optimum coffee taste.

    Some people have this misconception that during the coffee-making process, what coffee makers do is that they boil water. Yes, a coffee maker indeed makes piping hot coffee. However, it is an incorrect statement that water is boiled inside a coffee maker.

    Does Coffee Maker Purify Water?

    Boiling water for removing impurities has become a common practice for getting the most out of water. Drinking purified, boiled, and cooled-down water is considered healthy by many people across the world.

    1. coffee makers purify water

    We know that coffee makers heat the water to a very high temperature, but the water does not boil. So, water is not purified completely. Yes, some of the bacteria are killed, however, for complete purification every good coffee maker is equipped with a multi-stage filter. Thus, heating combined with filtration gives you a purified, bacteria-free batch of coffee.

    Hot or Cold Water – Which One to Use in Coffee Makers?

    A quick answer is you should always put cold water in your coffee machine. Do not use a microwave to heat the liquid because this will lead you to an overheated, bitter coffee.  Similarly, you should not use hot water because it will burn the grounds and can damage your coffee machine. Also, boiling water is not recommended as well, because it may cause irreversible damage to some parts of a coffee machine.

    So, to enjoy an original taste of your coffee, always fill your coffee maker with water at room temperature.

    Strange Facts about Boiling Water of Coffee Maker

    2. strange coffee boiling facts

    About boiling water in a coffee maker, you will come across certain anomalous behavior of water. These conditions are not related to a coffee maker or any other constraint but are rather a natural consequence of water behavior.

    Altitude Effects on Boiling Water

    This is one of the strangest, however, a scientifically proven fact that at higher altitudes (the more you go up), the lower will be the boiling point. For example, at sea level, the water boils at 212 degrees F, however, in some mountainous regions, you will see the water’s boiling point at somewhere around 202 degrees F or even lower.

    The reason behind this magical response of water is the lower atmospheric pressure. At higher altitudes, the atmospheric pressure decreases, so to compensate for this, the boiling point also decreases. You will observe this effect at somewhere around 610m or 2000 feet.

    So, in hilly areas, or at elevated regions, you can say that your coffee maker can reach the boiling point of water.

    Brewed Coffee Incorrect Temperature

    In the world of coffee-making, always remember that never trust the temperature of brewed coffee. Why I am saying this? Because you will see in tons of reviews on Amazon, Youtube, and other places, people claiming that the coffee machine is not brewing hot enough.

    What people do is, check the coffee temperature using a thermometer. Now once the coffee is brewed in your cup, it has already cooled down. Passing from the heating element through the inner pipe, then through the grounds into the cup, it is quite a long path. Therefore, once you check the brewed temperature of the coffee, the coffee has already cooled down. Moreover, at the hot plate, the temperature is adjusted to the drinking temperature, not the brewing one. That’s why never trust anything that says that the coffee maker is not brewing at the given temperature as I checked the brewed cup using a thermometer.

    Coffee Makers Kill Most Bacteria

    Coffee makers though are not able to boil water, however, the water is heated enough to kill some of the bacteria. One cannot say that water is completely purified, but at such a high heat of 205 degrees F, certainly, you get a better purification. To provide pure water without any impurities, coffee makers are equipped with multi-stage filters, which aids in providing completely pure water, by filtering any impurities as well as bacteria.

    Coffee Makers Boil Water – FAQs

    Some of the most frequently asked questions relevant to the topic of “do coffee makers boil water” are given below.

    Is It OK To Use Tap Water For Coffee?

    The answer is yes, but only if you use purified tap water. Do not use tap water as it contains dissolved salts and chlorine that may be harmful. For coffee, it is not ok to use normal tap water. Tap water contains many impurities which will make your drink taste bad and could even cause health issues.

    Do Coffee Makers Fully Sterilize Water?

    In terms of heating only, the answer is a clear NO. As we know that water is purified after its boiling point, however, coffee makers do not reach that point. But for overall coffee operation, many coffee makers are equipped with sophisticated filtering, which ensures that water is fully purified and safe to use for coffee making.

    Can I use Coffee Maker’s Hot Water for Drinking?

    Even though the hot water from coffee makers is safe for making coffee, we don’t recommend using it as drinking water. Because of chemicals and other impurities in tap water, so you will get a lot more benefits if use filtered or bottled water instead.

    What are the Optimum Temperature Limits for Brewing an Ideal Cup of Coffee?

    Generally speaking, 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit is considered the optimum range for brewing coffee. However, it is recommended to go for coffee machines that provide the range of 195 to 205 degrees F brewing temperature.

    Is there Any Coffee Maker that can Cause Water to Boil?

    Though the automatic coffee machines and drip coffee makers cannot exceed the 205 degrees F temperature, some coffee makers can. These include stovetop coffee makers such as Moka pot and most of the percolators.

    Do Coffee Makers Boil Water – Final Thoughts

    Coming towards the conclusion, one can certainly tell that coffee makers can heat water to a piping hot temperature in making coffee, but it cannot exceed the boiling point of water. Thus, one can easily say that coffee makers do not boil water for making coffee.

    Finally, how do you feel about coffee makers boiling water or not? Let us know in the comments.

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