0. how does a drip coffee maker work

How does a Drip Coffee Maker Work – Ultimate Guide

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    At times we own an appliance such as a coffee maker, but don’t know completely about its operation. Due to this, until we learn how that appliance or machine works, we will not be able to master its full functionality. The same is true of coffee makers, especially drip coffee makers. Almost every coffee lover owns a drip coffee maker, but they have no clue about how it works. If you are one of these people, then you must know how does a drip coffee maker work?

    0. how does a drip coffee maker work

    LOL, I’m not suggesting that you get into some geeky tech details about your coffee maker. However, as a drip coffee maker owner, you must at least know about all its parts and their contribution in the operation of coffee maker. There are several reasons for this, one being that if any of the functionality does not work, you can precisely identify the faulty component.

    What is a Drip Coffee Maker?

    Drip coffee maker is one of the most simple and easy to use coffee machine that will provide you with a perfect coffee without any hassle. Simply provide the raw materials, press the button, wait for a few moments, and you will have a delicious cup of drip coffee. When we talk about drip coffee makers today, we usually mean electric drip coffee makers.

    The preparation of coffee includes the combination of both pressure and heat and then extraction through paper filter into the carafe. It is very easy to use drip coffee makers because all you have to do is pour water in the reservoir and then add coffee grounds inside the filter and press the button.

    Due to its ease of usage and quick delicious coffee, drip coffee makers are one of the most famous coffee makers around the globe.

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    Dripolator or Drip Coffee Maker

    Do not get confused when you hear the word dripolator, because it is not something new. It is just an alternative name being used for an electric Drip coffee maker. Dripolator is an electric coffee maker with similar functionality as a drip coffee maker. Instead of using pressurized steam, dripolators heat the water themselves before pouring it over the ground coffee for a hot, rich, and tasty drip coffee.

    Parts of a Drip Coffee Maker

    1. Parts of a drip coffee maker

    In order to understand how does a drip coffee maker work, you must know about all of its important parts. Given below are the most critical and substantial components of a drip coffee maker:

    • Water Reservoir

    Once you remove the top of your drip coffee maker, you will find the water reservoir. As the name suggests, water reservoir is actually a pot or container. It is used to store the cold or normal water that will be used for brewing.

    At the base of reservoir, there is a small hole, from which a white tube leads to the drip area. In addition to carrying hot water from the reservoir to the drip area, this tube also holds a cleaning solution for cleaning the coffee maker.          

    • Drip Area

    Despite not being found in every drip coffee maker, the drip area plays a vital role. As we know that white tube is connected from reservoir to the drip area, which is available in the form of a disc. Here, the water flows from white tube through the drip area to the coffee grounds.

    • Shower Head

    Once the white tube has transported hot water through the drip area to the coffee grounds, it has to be distributed evenly. An even distribution of water ensures a good extraction from the coffee grounds. For this purpose, a shower head is installed at the end of tube, which is responsible for uniform water disbursement over coffee grounds.

    • Drip Coffee Maker Heating Element

    2. drip coffee maker heating element

    Truly speaking, heating element is one of the most critical component of every coffee maker. Just by looking at its name, we already know that heating element has something to do with the heating. Heating element is nothing but a simple aluminum coil and is used for heating the water using electric power. The heat is generated by converting electric energy to heat energy.

    One section of an extruded heating element is the heating element, which creates heat using energy from electricity, and the other section is the water carrying tube. Shortly put, heating elements have two main purposes. To heat the water that comes from the reservoir and to keep the brew in a warm condition.

    • Power Switch

    We all know that every electric appliance has a power switch. Using this power switch we can switch ON or OFF any device. In a drip coffee maker, the power switch is used to provide power to heating element. Once you flip that switch, the electric power is converted to heat using heating element. The water is heated and once it starts boiling, you will see the level rising up in the tube.

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    • Temperature Sensor

    In almost every drip coffee machine, there is temperature sensor. This sensor is connected to fuses which are connected to the main switch. The temperature sensor works according to the preset temperature in every coffee maker. Its basic purpose is to maintain and sense an even heat of the heating element.

    The principal and prime purpose of using a temperature sensor is to avoid overheating. If heat is constantly applied to the heating element, either the element or even the entire coffee machine may blow off due to overheating. That is why, once the temperature crosses the preset limits, the safety fuses cut off the power supply using the power switch, to avoid any incident.

    • Plaster

    The purpose of plaster in everyday life is actually coating for protection. In drip coffee makers, a plastering paste is applied around the heating element’s coil to provide strength and toughness.

    • One-Way Valve

    In a one-way or one-sided valve, the water may flow only in one direction. This valve allows to carry water from reservoir to the aluminum heating element. Then, this hot water is transported towards drip area and shower head through the white tube.

    • Grease Insulation

    For insulation of heating element, greasing is done for an even and efficient heat transfer. The grease or heat conducting lubricant is applied at the points where heating element is being kept.

    How does a Coffee Maker Work

    For every type of coffee maker, the preparation of coffee is a bit different as compared to others. Let’s say, if we compare Drip coffee makers, Espresso coffee makers and Keurig, then each one have almost similar main components. However, in each type of coffee maker, there is at least one element which is different from others.

    In Keurig coffee machines, there are needles as well as the pump, which helps in preparation of coffee from K-cups. Similarly, in espresso machines there is portafilter and steam wand, which produce a perfect espresso. As compared to others, normal Electric Drip coffee makers have no complexities in term of coffee making. You just provide the water and coffee grounds and you are served with a best cup of drip coffee.

    If you love Keurig, you can also find Drip coffee makers from Keurig as well.

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    How do Drip Coffee Makers Work – How to Use

    3. how does a coffee maker work

    As know we are well aware that making coffee using a drip coffee maker is very much easier as compared to the others. Step by step working of drip coffee makers is explained below:

    • First of all, you have to fill the reservoir with cold natural or filtered water and then close the lid.
    • The water will travel through the white tube at the bottom of the reservoir.
    • After this, the water travels through one-sided valve into the aluminum tube located below the heating element. You will see that level of hot-water tube on the machine rises.
    • Now once you flip the switch to ON position, the heating element becomes active and will start to become hot. After few moments, the water in aluminum tube will start boiling, which will also create bubbles.
    • The produced bubbles cause water to be pushed through a hot water tube from the coffee maker all the way to the shower head.
    • The shower head sprays hot water on coffee grounds in an even manner.
    • In this process, the coffee ground becomes saturated with coffee flavor and carries it directly into your cup.

    How to Clean Drip Coffee Maker with Vinegar

    4. how to clean drip coffee maker with vinegar

    There are number of different methods to clean a coffee maker. However, as vinegar is widely used for cleaning a coffee maker, here I will tell you how you can clean your drip coffee maker with vinegar:

    • As a first step, pour up to 4 cups of undiluted vinegar in to the drip coffee reservoir.
    • Wait for about 30 minutes for vinegar to stand perfectly.
    • Start a brewing cycle and let the cycle is completed with vinegar.
    • Empty the coffee machine and then fill the reservoir with only water.
    • Run a cleansing cycle using water for two to three times until there is no smell of vinegar.
    • As an alternate, in first step you can also add equal amounts of vinegar and water and then perform all the remaining steps.

    For some people, the smell and taste of vinegar is really unbearable. If you are also a vinegar allergic, then you can follow these best alternative methods to clean coffee maker without vinegar.

    Best Drip Coffee Makers in 2021

    Given below are some of the best drip coffee makers that you can get:

    Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System
    Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System
    Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital
    Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam TS 10-Cup Digital
    Technivorm Moccamaster 79312 KBGT Coffee Brewer
    Technivorm Moccamaster 79312 KBGT Coffee Brewer

    How does a Drip Coffee Maker Work – Wrap Up

    For quick and smooth coffee making, nothing can replace the essence of drip coffee makers. But before you get a new drip coffee maker or want to increase your knowledge, you must know how does a drip coffee maker work?

    Feel free to share your experience with drip coffee makers and how you make the perfect cup of drip coffee.

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