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Keurig Strong Button – What Does it Do? 2022 Guide

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    Keurig coffee makers are globally famous for their amazing and efficient coffee machines. From mini Keurigs to professional coffee makers, Keurig has a wide range of coffee makers to choose from. Similar to some other great features, Keurig coffee makers are equipped with a remarkable feature known as Keurig strong button. In this detailed post, you will learn every bit about what is Keurig strong button, what does it do, advantages and alternatives of strong button feature.

    1. keurig strong button

    As a coffee addict, one cannot start a day without consuming a cup of favorite coffee. However, some of us are real fans of a strong cup of coffee enriched with true strength to jolt and shake us up properly. That is why Keurig equipped most of its high end and premium machines with a strong button feature that increases the strength of a coffee cup to some exciting levels.

    What is Strong Coffee?

    In terms of coffee making, the term strong is quite a puzzled one. The reason is for some people stronger means more bolder and flavorful strength. For others, the terms refers to greater amount of caffeine. Similarly, most of coffee lovers consider strong coffee as a combination of both of these.

    2. WHAT is strong coffee

    Strong coffee doesn’t mean that the amount of coffee grounds added to water or milk is much greater as compared to the normal cup. Similarly, it also doesn’t mean that your caffeine amount is doubled or increased in comparison to the standard coffee cup. Yes, it is true that if you add more amount of coffee or increase the amount of caffeine, then it may be termed as a strong cup filled with greater caffeine content.

    However, preparing a true strong cup of coffee depends on the brewing process as in case of Keurig coffee makers. The brewing process of strong coffee using Keurig strong button is somewhat different than normal brewing. That’s why in the end you will have a stronger coffee cup having similar amount of coffee and caffeine but with an increased strength.

    Keurig Strong Buton

    Keurig Strong Button is one of the advanced and commonly used features on Keurig coffee machines. For coffee makers in love with a strong coffee cup, Keurig strong button is a real blessing. Especially for those Keurig users who always complained about the weak and acidic coffee brew, the strong button is an ultimate solution.

    Keurig strong button is available on all high end and premium Keurig coffee machines such as Keurig single-serve mini-series. Without losing the original taste, flavor and aroma, you will get an enhanced coffee strength using the strong button feature.

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    How Does Keurig Strong Button Work?

    Till this point we know that one can easily brew a cup of strong coffee by just a push of single button. However, we really need to understand that without adding any additional caffeine or increasing the coffee contents, how a strong cup of coffee is brewed?

    Keurig has one of the most sophisticated patent brewing process, which is not only efficient but is considered as most reliable one as compared to other coffee machines. Due to this reliability, you will get the same amount of coffee with similar optimum temperature and water pressure, every time you press that brew button. Once you press the strong button, the Keurig coffee maker follows a similar process as in case of normal coffee. The only difference comes in brewing time. The strong button slightly increases the brewing time which means the brewing time is more than one minute (normal brew cycle time of Keurigs).

    The amount of brewing time has a greater impact on the characteristics of coffee. If you are anxious about strong coffee taking more time, then don’t worry as the time is only increased by 30 seconds. For some Keurigs that take about 43-45 seconds for normal brewing, the strong feature takes about 1 minute and 15 seconds. Once you press the strong button, the water is released in form of pulses instead of a direct stream. Therefore, the coffee grounds have a longer contact duration with water. The longer extraction time makes the grounds mixture more saturated. The result is a strong and delicious full bodied cup of coffee.

    Strong Button Really Works or Not?

    The answer is a loud and clear, yes. Based on personal real life experience of different Keurig coffee machines, we have tested the strong button on a number of models. The strong button feature always provides with an enriched and strengthened coffee cup as compared to the normal cup of joe.

    If we look at this scientifically, we can see that as there is more extraction time of coffee, so the final coffee product will be saturated. The longer amount of time the coffee grounds remain in the water will result in more dissolving. Therefore, the end product is a more saturated, full bodied cup of coffee with optimum flavor and natural aroma.

    Keurig Strong Button vs. Caffeine

    Some people think that strong button brews a stronger cup of coffee by increasing the coffee content resulting in increased caffeine amount. However, it is an absolutely wrong verdict. We know from the above discussion that strong button does not add any additional contents or increase the amount of coffee grounds etc. The reason behind a stronger coffee cup is in the greater extraction time and nothing else. Therefore, you get a coffee cup with greater strength but similar amount of caffeine as a normal brewed coffee.

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    Best Keurig Models with Strong Button

    A comprehensive list of some of the best Keurig models with Keurig strong button feature is given below:

    Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee MakerKeurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker
    • Holds 9 K-cup pods
    • Travel mug friendly
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Removable drip tray
    Check Price
    Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee MakerKeurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker
    • 12 x cups thermal carafe
    • Multiple brew sizes
    • Positioned reservoir
    • Auto brew option
    Check Price
    Keurig K-Supreme Coffee MakerKeurig K-Supreme Coffee Maker
    • Multi stream tech
    • Customizable brew
    • Dual position reservoir
    • Easy refilling
    Check Price
    Keurig C K-Elite MakerKeurig C K-Elite Maker
    • Multiple cup sizes
    • Iced coffee feature
    • Hot water on demand
    • Large 75 oz reservoir
    Check Price
    Keurig K-Select Coffee MakerKeurig K-Select Coffee Maker
    • Quiet brew tech
    • 52 oz large reservoir
    • Simple controls
    • Removable drip tray
    Check Price

    Keurig Not Having Strong Button – Alternatives

    What if you don’t own a premium Keurig coffee maker? Or you have some other coffee maker brand? Then is it possible to prepare a strong coffee cup similar to Keurig strong button one? You can follow some of the given methods to get an embodied and strengthened cup of coffee.

    Choose the Right Strong K-cups

    For Keurigs, one has to select some favorite K-cups from a wide range of options. Each k-cup has a different flavor, aroma as well as other coffee characteristics. You will find a number of k-cups especially the espresso k-cups having extra richness and strength. Some of these provide with a dark roast coffee whereas other add extra grounds, increasing whole coffee to water ratio. So, if you don’t own a Keurig with a strong button feature, you can always opt for some strong and rich k-cup pod to enjoy a similar stronger coffee cup.

    Control of Other Keurig Features

    If you own a Keurig which does not support a strong feature, then you can take control of some other features to brew a flavorful fully body cup of coffee. In some Keurig models, you will find a water temperature control option. Temperature of water has an important part in producing the final brew. By playing with different temperatures, one can easily attain a temperature where the desired strength is achieved.

    Another great feature in some of the latest Keurig models is the multi-stream technology. As compared to the traditional water jet, this technology provides with a consistent and better capsule coverage. As a result you will get a more flavorful and full bodied coffee.

    The most important ones in this list are the extraction/ brew time control and cup size. If your coffee maker has an extraction or brew time controller, then you will get an equal strength as a strong Keurig button. The reason is we know that strong button only provides with an extended brewing time and nothing else. So, if you control this brewing and extraction time manually, then you can easily achieve the similar strength. Similarly, most of the coffee makers are equipped with cup selection feature. As in Keurigs, k-cup pods are used for brewing coffee, so in most of the cases, the coffee grounds are not enough for a larger cup size. As a result, you get a weak flavored coffee having a much lesser strength. Therefore, whenever you have an urge of strong coffee, always go with a smaller cup settings.

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    Other Coffee Makers with Strength Control

    If you don’t own a Keurig but still want a similar strength coffee, then you have some other alternatives. It is not necessary that these coffee makers use a similar time delay feature to increase coffee strength as in case of Keurigs. Most of these coffee makers are equipped with different strength control settings to choose from. Some of these are enlisted below:

    • Smart coffee makers such as Atomi Smart has three different brew settings. So you can select any strength as per your taste buds.
    • Ninja CP307 is equipped with five different strength control settings.
    • Breville’s Precision Brewer uses different tweaks such as water temperature, bloom time and flow rate to customize the strength. There are five different preset strength settings along with a custom preset that you can easily define.

    Keurig Strong Button Not Working – Solution

    3. keurig strong button not working

    Once you start loving some amazing feature of any coffee maker, the coffee-ing experience is never the same without that feature. Same is true in case of strong button feature. Once you becomes addicted to this strong and rich coffee, your taste buds always want it. But what if the Keurig strong button stops working?

    There are certain reasons where the strong button becomes unresponsive and doesn’t provide you with a strong coffee. One of the main reason is wrong placement timing of K-cups. It means that you have inserted a k-cup inside the cup holder before switching ON the coffee machine. If you do so, then you will always find the strong button non-responsive. That is why it is always recommended to insert k-cup inside the k-cup holder once you turn ON the coffee machine.

    Secondly, once you insert the K-cup and close this mechanism, you must observe the cup sizes lightened up. At this instant, first press the strong button and then select your desired cup size.

    In very rare cases, the strong button gets stuck or becomes free to move. This occurs if the coffee maker isn’t cleaned properly for a very long time. Therefore, it is always advisable to properly descale a coffee maker at least for once in one or two months.

    Recommended Coffees for Keurig Strong Function

    Generally, whatever coffee you use, the strong button will give you a comparatively strengthened coffee as compared to the normal one. However, for an optimum strength, some of the recommended coffees that you can enjoy with strong button feature are given below:

    Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

    Solimo Dark Roast Coffee Pods

    Wake The Hell Up! Dark Roast Single Serve

    Wake The Hell Up! Dark Roast

    Caffeinated Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

    Caffeinated Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

    Café Bustelo Espresso Style Dark Roast

    Café Bustelo Espresso Style Dark Roast

    Peet’s Coffee, Major Dickason's Blend - Dark Roast

    Peet’s Coffee, Major Dickason’s Blend – Dark Roast

    Java Factory Coffee Pods High Caffeine Coffee

    Java Factory Coffee Pods High Caffeine Coffee

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    Strong Button on Keurig – FAQs

    Some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Keurig strong button feature are answered below:

    Do Strong Button settings affects the amount of caffeine in coffee?

    Keurig strong button does not add any extra coffee or some other ingredients to bring strength to coffee. This feature increases the extraction and brewing time due to which the coffee mixture is more saturated and thus stronger. Therefore, the amount of caffeine due to strong button feature is almost similar to the normal brewed coffee.

    How much longer does the Keurig’s Strong Button brew cycle take than normal?

    By delaying the coffee extraction time, Keurig provides with a stronger cup of coffee using the strong button feature. Once the strong button is pressed, all Keurig machines extend the brewing timings by approximately 30 seconds on average. So for Keurigs with 1 minute brew time, the time extends up to 90 seconds and those preparing coffee in up to 45 seconds provide with a strong coffee in just 75 seconds.

    What specific type of water can be used for Keurig Strong Cup?

    Keurig coffee machines are designed for tap water. For health concerns, the distilled or filtered water is also recommended. However, one must never use the softened water or mineral water in any of the Keurig coffee makers. For strong cup, it is recommended to use the tap or filtered water.

    Is every Keurig model equipped with a Keurig Strong Button?

    No, every Keurig model doesn’t have the strong button feature. However, in all of the latest and premium coffee makers, such as Keurig Mini Series, this feature is readily available.

    Keurig Strong Button Feature – Wrap up

    In the coffee community, strong coffee is an all-time favorite beverage. Thanks to Keurig Strong Button feature, you can now prepare an excellent cup of strong coffee in just a little over a minute. You don’t have to go through any hassles or complex process to get an enriched full bodied coffee cup. Just press the strong button, select your cup size and start brewing.

    If you have tried this amazing Keurig strong button function, share your experience in comments.

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