0. Nespresso vs Ninja coffee bar

Nespresso vs Ninja – Which One is Best to Buy?

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    The moment you discover that you love coffee making, you go exploring. With each passing day, hundreds of features are being introduced in latest coffee makers. A best coffee maker is the one that will fulfill all your requirements with ease and comfort. That’s why once it comes to Nespresso vs Ninja, the decision becomes quite difficult.

    0. Nespresso vs Ninja coffee bar

    The reason behind this tough decision is that both coffee makers are perfect in every aspect. As a coffee lover, if you observe, you’ll certainly find one of these coffee machines in almost every coffeeholic’s home. Both of these coffee makers are high quality, versatile, and come with a vast array of features. There is a detailed review of both Nespresso and Ninja Coffee Bar at the beginning of this guide and then a detailed comparison follows.

    Nespresso Coffee Makers – Review

    Nespresso has been in the coffee making business since 1986 (for more than 30 years). Since then it has revolutionized the concept of coffee making, by producing state of the art coffee machines that can brew any type of barista standard coffee. This Swiss company has developed a range of automatic coffee machines, especially for home users to brew their favorite coffee in a perfect manner.

    1. Nespresso coffee maker espresso machine

    Whenever there is a debate over the best luxury coffee makers’ brands, Nespresso is always on the list. The reason lies in tons of latest features that has taken coffee making experience to some amazing levels, without any hassle.

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    Nespresso Coffee Makers Options

    In terms of Nespresso coffee makers, you have a wide variety to choose from. Each Nespresso coffee maker belongs to one of two main lines:

    • Original Nespresso Coffee Makers
    • VertuoLine Nespresso Coffee Makers

    => Original Nespresso Line:

    This line of coffee makers are capable to brew only espresso and lungo. In order to prepare espresso, these machines use 19 bars of pressure to force water through the top of the pod. The following models of Nespresso coffee makers are covered by this line:

    • Expert: Flat to the wall design with 4 x cup sizes.
    • Lattissima: Covers Lattissima Plus, Touch and Pro models
    • Kitchen Aid: Premium design with 6 x cup sizes
    • Essenza Mini: Compact design, offers lungo and espresso
    • Pixie: Tiny compact design with 2 x cup sizes
    • CitiZ: Moderate size with folding drip tray, 2 x cup sizes
    • Creatista: Detailed display with complete control
    • Innissia: Ultra compact, lightweight and vibrant machine

    => VertuoLine Nespresso:

    This line of coffee makers has the ability to brew espresso, lungo as well as coffee. On contrary to normal espresso preparation, VertuoLine uses a technology named as Centrifusion, where water is mied using a centrifugal force. The following models of Nespresso coffee makers are covered by this line:

    • Vertuo: Basic Vertuo model able to brew coffee and espresso
    • VertuoPlus: Bigger, portable water tank than Vertuo
    • Evoluo: Improved and advanced than Vertuo with drip tray

    Recommended Nespresso Coffee Makers

    Given below is a list of some of the best Nespresso makers that you should get:

    Image Product Features Price
    Nespresso BNE800BSS Creatista Plus Nespresso BNE800BSS Creatista Plus
    Barista grade espresso Smart coffee maker Automatic built-in frother
    Check Price
    Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso Nespresso Lattissima Pro Coffee and Espresso
    • Nespresso capsule system
    • 19 bars of pressure
    • Rapid heat-up time
    Check Price
    Lattissima Touch Original Espresso (Silver) Lattissima Touch Original Espresso (Silver)
    • 6 one-touch recipes
    • Practical design
    • Advanced milk frother
    Check Price
    Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Maker
    • Automatic Espresso Machine
    • Versatile Coffee Maker
    • Large 54 oz. Water Tank
    Check Price
    Nespresso Pixie Coffee and Espresso Machine Nespresso Pixie Coffee and Espresso Machine
    • Powerful Coffee maker
    • Efficient and energy saving
    • 24 oz. Water tank
    Check Price
    Nespresso Lattissima Touch Original Nespresso Lattissima Touch Original
    • Perfect creamy latte
    • 6 one-touch recipes
    • 19-Bar high pressure pump
    Check Price
    Nespresso Citiz Coffee and Espresso Machine Nespresso Citiz Coffee and Espresso Machine
    • 19 bar pump system
    • Speed and Energy saving
    • Quick and simple cleaning
    Check Price

    Pros and Cons of Nespresso Coffee Makers

    Some pros and cons of Nespresso Coffee makers are given below:

    • Real top quality espresso
    • Complete automatic processes in some machines
    • Compact designs
    • Simple and easy clean up
    • Sophisticated LED controls (some machines)
    • Milk carafe auto-cleaning (few models)
    • Pre-programmed cup sizes
    • Number of colors/ design options
    • Reliable coffee makers
    • Only VertuoLine can brew regular coffee
    • Expensive pods
    • Special solution is required for descaling
    • No delay brew option
    • Comparatively smaller water reservoir
    • Pod waste reduces its eco-friendliness

    Ninja Coffee Bar – Review

    Now let’s have a look at Ninja Coffee Bar. Previously known as Euro-Pro Operating LLC, now recognized as SharkNinja Operating LLC is a United States based company, founded in 1996. The name was officially changed to SharkNinja in 2017. They are well known around the globe for their top notch tech products from blenders and ovens to state of the art coffee makers.

    2. Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker

    Ninja coffee makers, especially the Ninja Coffee Bar has evolved as one of the most versatile coffee makers. With a Ninja Coffee Bar in the kitchen, you won’t need any other coffee machine to satisfy any other coffee cravings. Whether you want a classic coffee in morning, or a latte, cold brew, hot tea, or something extra strong throughout the day, your Ninja Coffee Bar will never disappoint you.

    Every Ninja Coffee Bar machine has the ability to provide a brew in at least four different ways – Classic Coffee, Rich, Iced, Specialty, Café Forte, and Cold Brew. Besides these options, the Ninja have Auto IQ One Touch Intelligence feature. You select the cup size and it pulls the coffee for you after measuring the water, so you have far less work to do.

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    Ninja Coffee Bar Categories

    Whether you want cold-brewed coffee or tea, frothy lattes or even a carafe of hot, flavorful coffee, Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System has got you covered. Ninja has upgraded its older version of Ninja Coffee Bar to the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System.

    There are three main categories of coffee makers by Ninja kitchen:

    • Ninja Coffee Brewer
    • Ninja Coffee Bar
    • Ninja Coffee Bar System

    The major differences between these Ninja Coffee Makers is given below:

    • There are 3 x brew types in Ninja Coffee Brewer, 4 x Ninja Coffee Bar and 6 x Ninja Coffee Bar System
    • In comparison to Ninja Coffee Bar and Ninja Coffee Brewer, Ninja Coffee Bar System is provided with integrated scoop w/brewer.
    • In terms of frother, there is no frother in Ninja Coffee Brewer, Ninja Easy Frother in Ninja Coffee Bar and Built-in Hot & Cold Frother in Ninja Coffee Bar System.

    Recommended Ninja Coffee Bar Models

    Given below is a list of some of the best Ninja Coffee Bar (Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed System) models that you should get:

    Image Product Features Price
    Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System
    • Coffee and tea brew settings
    • Smart basket recognition
    • 5 brew styles
    Check Price
    Ninja CFP301 DualBrew System Pro Ninja CFP301 DualBrew System Pro
    • Faster Brewing
    • Dual Coffee Maker
    • 4 x Brew Style
    Check Price
    Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer
    Hotter brewing technology 60-oz. removable reservoir 24-hr programmable delay
    Check Price
    Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother (CM401) Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother (CM401)
    • Specialty brew
    • Iced Coffee
    • Fold-away frother
    Check Price
    Ninja CF091 Coffee Maker Ninja CF091 Coffee Maker
    • 50 oz. glass carafe
    • Ninja Smart Scoop
    • Permanent reusable filter
    Check Price
    Ninja CE201-12-Cup Programmable Ninja CE201-12-Cup Programmable
    • Permanent filter
    • Thermal Flavor Extraction
    • Precise Warming Plate
    Check Price
    Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker
    • 6 Brew sizes
    • No pods required
    • Thermal Carafe
    Check Price

    Pros and Cons of Ninja Coffee Bar

    Some pros and cons of Ninja Coffee Bar are given below:

    • Variety of brew types
    • Options to make regular delicious coffee
    • Brew single cup or whole pot
    • Milk frother available in machine
    • Easy to clean milk frother
    • Easy descaling with vinegar (or alternatives)
    • Delay brew option
    • Hundreds of coffee recipes
    • Auto IQ One Touch feature
    • No actual (original) espresso
    • A bit messier cleaning as compared to others
    • For every drink you have to follow proper recipe
    • More hands on time required for perfection
    • Slightly larger than small Nespresso models

    Nespresso vs Ninja Coffee Bar – Comparison

    Both Nespresso and Ninja Coffee Makers are the most versatile coffee machines that will fulfill your coffee desires. Owning any of these coffee makers will be a perfect choice. Comparing the two coffee makers, the following are the key differences:

    Design and Dimensions

    When it comes to the aesthetics and beautiful designs, no machine can easily beat Nespresso in this area. The reason is each Nespresso model is crafted in a perfect artistic manner having an option to choose from different brilliant colors. Honestly, this eye-catching coffee machine will give your kitchen a wonderful decorative look. Similarly, in terms of dimensions, Nespresso machines are quite compact and sleek in design. Therefore, these coffee machines will occupy very little space in your kitchen. The smallest Nespresso Coffee Machine is Nespresso Essenza Mini, having dimensions of 4.33” W x 8.07”D x 12.8”H.

    On the contrary, Ninja Coffee Bar machines come in black color and stainless steel. Though, these are equally crafted in a beautiful manner, however, you will be limited in terms of color selection. Moreover, due to their number of accessories and features, Ninja Coffee Bar is comparatively bigger as compared to Nespresso. The smallest Ninja Coffee Brewer has dimensions of 8.7”D x 9.9”W x 14.6”H.

    Brewing & Types of Coffee

    A coffee maker is well known for its ability to prepare different types of drinks as well as its brewing method. If we do a quick comparison of Nespresso vs Ninja Coffee Makers, then a short and simple answer will be Nespresso prepares espresso whereas Ninja prepared common drip coffee.

    Espresso prepared by Nespresso is of top quality and you will be able to enjoy quality rich coffee crema top of espresso. Using high temperature and pressure, the espressos are prepared. Later on, you can frothe some milk, add it to espresso and enjoy quality cappuccino and latte. A latest line of Nespresso, known as VertuoLine has the ability to prepare coffee as well along with the espresso and lungo.

    As compared to Nespresso, Ninja Coffee Bar does not have the ability to prepare pure espresso. However, with Ninja Coffee Bar, you will get up to six different coffee drinks including Iced, Cold Brew and specialty coffee as well. Here the brewing method is the normal conventional method to prepare drip coffee.

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    Coffee Serving

    Nespresso machines are pod based espresso makers. Therefore, each time you can only get a single serve of coffee. It means you don’t have the ability to prepare other servings or large pot of coffee.

    Contrarily, Ninja Coffee bar provides you with several coffee serving options. Here you will have variety of cups ranging from single cup to large or travel mugs. Moreover, an interesting feature of Ninja Coffee Makers is the option to prepare a full carafe without any hassle. If you need more than one cup of coffee, then you can easily prepare a pot of coffee in one go.

    Ease of Usage

    Nespresso machines are fully automatic espresso machines. Thanks to the Nespresso patent Capsule System, you just need to insert the coffee capsule and place your cup under the coffee spout. Now make a selection of coffee based on your preferences, and the machine will take care of the rest. In every Nespresso machine, you will find simple and easy controls and operation.

    To the contrary, Ninja Coffee Bar works in a complete step by step manner. There are different knobs and push buttons at different positions, which you will use at different points. Moreover, you have to deal with pouring coffee powder inside filter and then properly fitting the filter inside its holder. Afterwards, you have to put a coffee cup or mug under the spout and then make selection and brew your coffee.

    In short, Nespresso provides you with more easy and user friendly operations as compared to Ninja Coffee Bar. However, Ninja Coffee Bar gives you an ultimate control of the entire coffee making operations.

    Energy Efficiency

    All Nespresso coffee machines come with an energy efficient feature, where the machine turns off automatically in 9 minutes. As a result, even if you forget to turn off the coffee maker and leave the kitchen or house, you won’t waste energy, as Nespresso machines will shut down automatically.

    On contrary, Ninja Coffee Bar turns off automatically after 2 hours, which is quite extensive time. Though Ninja Coffee Bar will shut down automatically; however, shutting down after 2 hours is no better in terms of energy efficiency.

    Operational Noise

    In terms of noise, Nespresso Original Line espresso machines can be quite loud. The reason behind this louder noise the pump based high pressure which is used in preparation of espresso. However, the modern Nespresso VertuoLine machines use spinning technology, making them less noisy.

    In contrast, Ninja Coffee Makers are quite calm without any noise. Even if the machine is preparing coffee, you will not hear a thing due to their complete quiet operation.

    Descaling System

    When it comes to perform descaling, most of the coffee users prefer vinegar (or its alternatives). These materials are cheap and easily available. Moreover, one can perform descaling and deep cleansing in a simple straightforward manner without any hassle. In Ninja Coffee Bar machines, you can easily perform descaling using vinegar or baking soda or lemon etc. No matter how frequently you use such cleaning agents throughout your life, you will not have any problems.

    Contrary to this, Nespresso machines cannot be descaled using the normal regular cleansing agents like vinegar. For every Nespresso machine, you have to buy a special Nespresso Descaling agent. Though, this agent is easily available in big marts, however, it is not as common as vinegar or baking soda. Moreover, Nespresso descaling agent is also expensive as compared to the regular descaling agents.

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    Milk Frothing Ability

    Some Nespresso machines, like Lattissima and Creatista models use hot steam for frothing milk. These frothers are integrated into given espresso machines. However, in all other Nespresso machines, you have to go for a separate milk frother in the form of a mechanical spinner.

    When it comes to Ninja, the Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed system is equipped with a built-in milk frother. Therefore, you don’t have to search for some separate milk frother in terms of Ninja.

    Price Comparison

    We know that both Nespresso and Ninja covers a wide variety of coffee makers. Each of these amazing coffee machines brands have number of different models. Every model has different features and therefore the price for each model is going to be different.

    However, as a general comparison, Nespresso coffee makers range from as low as 110$ to as high as 650$. In contrast, Ninja Coffee Bar offers affordable coffee machines ranging from 90 USD to as high as 300 USD.

    FAQs – Nespresso vs Ninja Coffee Bar

    Some of the frequently asked questions regarding Ninja Coffee Bar vs Nespresso machines are given below:

    Can Ninja Coffee Bar Make Espresso?

    Though Ninja Coffee Bar can make a number of drinks, but it cannot make a real espresso. By adjusting coffee ground proportions to water, it does produce a concentrated brew that can be used in preparation latte or cappuccino style drinks

    Is Nespresso Worth it?

    Nespresso machines are premium espresso machines, specifically built for espresso lovers. These machines are really worth the price due to their versatility, premium design and features, ease of usage and remarkable espresso.

    What is Difference between Ninja Coffee Bar Models?

    There are three main categories of coffee makers by Ninja kitchen: Ninja Coffee Brewer, Ninja Coffee Bar and Ninja Coffee Bar System. The major differences between these Ninja Coffee Makers is the brew types, type of frothing ability and integrated scoop.

    What Models do Ninja and Nespresso Have Available?

    There are several different coffee/ espresso makers available in both Ninja and Nespresso. Ninja is famous for its Coffee Bar or Hot & Cold Brewed System, whereas Nespresso is loved for its VertuoLine espresso machines. For best Ninja Coffee Makers and recommended Nespresso machines, check the above lists.

    Which Ninja Coffee Bar is Better?

    You can find some of the best Ninja Coffee Makers in the above list, where you can select from 7 x different options according to your choice and requirements.

    Nespresso vs Ninja Coffee Bar – Final Verdict

    After this detailed article, you can now understand the importance and reputation of both Ninja and Nespresso. The difference of Nespresso vs Ninja Coffee Bar can be summarized as follows: Nespresso can brew mouth-watering espresso, whereas Ninja can offer a number of coffee drinks besides traditional coffee.

    So, finally tell us in comments, what will be your final decision regarding selection of best Nespresso or Ninja Coffee makers.

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