0. how to turn off flashing clean light on mr coffee

How to Turn Off Flashing Clean Light on Mr. Coffee – Tested Methods

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    The indicator light or clean light on Mr. Coffee machines is one of the best and unique features. It tells you when it is time to stop for a while and give your machine a deep required cleaning. However, it becomes really annoying if the clean light stays on constantly in a flashing manner. 

    0. how to turn off flashing clean light on mr coffee

    There are several reasons behind this flashing light, however, in this guide, you can see some of the main reasons. As a solution, below you will find some of the tested methods regarding How to Turn Off Flashing Clean Light on Mr. Coffee.

    Mr. Coffee Clean Light Blinking

    Clean light gives you an information regarding deep cleaning or maintenance of Mr. Coffee. This is actually an indicator light which turns on after several cycles or usage of coffee maker to give you an insight regarding its cleaning. But, it becomes a real pain if this light never goes off but keeps on flashing.

    One of the major cause in most of the cases is accumulation of residue, which blocks the machine and require deep cleaning. However, it is not the only concern that makes the indicator light flashing. There are several other reasons as well that are linked to flashing light. Below you will some of the main reasons due to which the clean light starts blinking along with detailed solution to each problem. 

    Why Mr. Coffee Indicator Light is ON – Main Reasons

    1. Why Mr. Coffee Indicator Light is ONOnce the light starts flashing and it doesn’t turn off, you have to check for the following main reasons:

    • Coffee Maker is Dirty

    One of the major reason of flashing clean light on Mr. Coffee makers is that cleaning is already overdue. Most of the times we just clean the carafe and filter, however, other important parts such as filter basket, lid and spout are left unclean. Once you examine all these components closely, you will see the scale and lime deposits over there. These deposits consist of bacteria and germs which is quite harmful. Not only this, but these build-up are equally hazardous for destroying your coffee maker.

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    Normally, Mr. Coffee’s clean indicator light informs you well in time to perform cleaning of your coffee maker. However, due to laziness or shortage of time, sometimes we ignore this indication. That is why after sometime the clean indicator light keeps on flashing. It means you have already reached such a situation, where it is critical to perform deep cleansing.

    • Proper Instructions are Not Followed

    Every coffee maker manufactured by Mr. Coffee comes with a detailed user manual. This manual contains each and every instruction regarding brewing, maintenance as well as cleaning. However, if these instructions are not followed properly and any of the operation is not performed according to the guided instructions, the coffee machine may damage. 

    For example, if it is written in the manual to perform cleaning in a specific manner and you go opposite to it, then definitely, you are going to ruin your coffee maker. That is why, it is another reason of flashing clean light on Mr. Coffee.

    • Never Interrupt any Cycle

    In every coffee maker, the term cycle is not just meant for brewing cycle. Same terminology is also used for cleaning as well as maintenance. A simple rule of thumb is, whatever the operation is going on, never interrupt it in the middle.

    If it is a cleaning cycle, then let it complete and do not unplug the machine or reset the coffee maker in the middle of the process. 

    Similarly, if you want to stop the brewing or cleaning cycles, just let the coffee maker stops normally. Still, if there is an urgent requirement to stop the cycle in the middle, then do not reset or unplug the machine directly. Moreover, to start again, it is recommended to wait for some time and then start all over again after some break.

    For maintenance purposes, it is always advised to switch off the machine properly and then unplug it. Afterwards, carry out the maintenance and cleaning of each part such as carafe, lid and filter.

    So, if you interrupt any of the ongoing cycle in the middle, the clean light may start flashing.

    • Hardware Problem

    Lastly, none of the above are reasons for your flashing clean indicator, then it might be a hardware problem. Either the light may have become faulty, or there may be an issue with the internal circuitry of light. Sometimes the issue is due to switches connecting indicator light with whole coffee maker. A very few times, it has been noticed that the problem may not be in the indicator light, but in some other part of Mr. Coffee.

    Mr. Coffee Won’t Brew – Reasons

    2. Mr. Coffee Won't Brew

    For some other reasons, you will face certain other problems that may cause malfunctioning of Mr. Coffee. The issues may or may not be directly linked to the flashing clean light, however, it is also better to know about these. Some other relevant problems that you may face on Mr. Coffee are: 

    • Mr. Coffee Light On But Not Brewing

    At times, once you plug in your Mr. Coffee and start brewing, you will observe that the coffee machine is not able to brew. First of all, you should examine whether the light on Mr. Coffee is ON. It will give you an indication that the Coffee machine is powered ON. In case, it is not ON, then the problem may be in the power cord or power outlet.

    However, if the light is on but the machine is still not brewing, then there may be following reasons:

    • The coffee machine is unplugged within the cycle (brewing or cleaning).
    • The lid or exterior of the coffee maker is dirty and it require a deep cleaning.
    • Mr. Coffee is plugged in immediately after cleaning.
    • A thermal cut off fuse may be open (fuse blown), so the power is not reaching the heating element.

    To resolve this issue, it is always better to perform deep cleaning of each and every component of the coffee maker. Afterwards, wait for an hour and then plug in your machine. Hopefully, this will resolve the coffee not brewing issue.

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    In order to check for the fuse issue, you may need an ohm-meter/ continuity tester. Remove the plastic cover on the button and check for any blown thermal fuse. If you observe any fuse in the open state, replace the fuse and your issue will be resolved.

    • Mr. Coffee Beeps and Wont Brew

    Sometimes due to faulty water line or clogged machine, you may face the beeping and not brewing issue. If you face such type of issue, it is always recommended to check whether all the parts are properly connected and nestled. Secondly, make sure that the water reservoir is full, otherwise, if it is empty and you switched ON the coffee maker, it is more likely to burn the heating element.

    Due to lime and scale deposits, the coffee maker may become clogged. Due to this issue, it will not brew until it is deep cleansed and unclogged completely. That is why you must always perform timely cleaning and maintenance of Mr. Coffee.

    Best Ways to Turn Off Your Mr. Coffee Clean Light

    3. Best Ways to Turn Off Your Mr. Coffee Clean Light

    Following our discussion of the main reasons why Mr. Coffee’s clean light flashes, here are some solutions you might try:

    • Check If Mr. Coffee Machine is Clean

    Whatever the issue you may face on Mr. Coffee, it is highly advised to go towards deep cleaning first. Unplug your coffee machine, wait for some time and then remove all the parts one by one. Due to constant use, you may find that the coffee machine is clogged, or at least there are some lime and scale deposits on all parts, especially the inner ones.

    You must perform deep cleansing with sponge and de-scaling with vinegar or baking soda or any other relevant cleaning materials. Each and every part, including lid, carafe, spout, filter and filter basket must be cleaned thoroughly.

    If you don’t like the smell and leftover taste of vinegar, read these most recommended methods to clean a coffee maker without vinegar.

    • Follow User Manual Instructions

    Being a Mr. Coffee user, we know that every model is equipped with a detailed instructions manual. Most of the time, we just throw this manual and perform the blind coffee making operations. However, it is highly recommended that you should avoid such habits and follow each instruction religiously.

    Some of the main instructions that you should never avoid at any cost are:

    • Whether the machine is brewing or cleaning, never interrupt any cycle of the coffee machine in the middle.
    • If you’re cleaning or brewing the machine, never reset it or unplug it.
    • Always unplug the coffee machine before opening or disassembling it for cleaning, or removing the carafe, etc.
    • After cleaning, wait for at least an hour before switching ON the Mr. Coffee.

    In short, whatever instructions are given in the manual, you must follow it whole-heartedly.

    • Unplug and Wait

    Once we are in hurry, we avoid the instructions and guidelines, which affects us adversely in the longer run. If you have to remove the carafe, or even lid, do not remove it immediately. Let the coffee machine rest for a minute, then unplug it and wait for another minute.

    Similarly, after you have performed the deep cleaning, wait for some time before plugging in the machine.

    • Check Warranty/ Replace 

    If any of the above methods do not solve the problem of flashing clean light, the problem might be in the hardware. Coffee makers by Mr. Coffee comes with a limited warranty of one year. If the problem of clean light flashing comes during this duration, do not perform any additional experiments. You have warranty in hand, just go ahead and claim this warranty. Mr. Coffee provides a good customer support, and your issue will be resolved in due time.

    However, if the warranty period has expired, then it is time for taking some expert technician’s help. Therefore, take your machine to some repair guy for replacement of some defective part. 

    How Do You Reset the Clean Light on a Mr. Coffee Maker

    Mr. Coffee’s clean light indicator is one of the best features to determine if it is time to clean your coffee maker. To reset the clean light on Mr. Coffee, perform the following steps:

    • Unplug the coffee machine.
    • Wait for five minutes and then remove all removable parts.
    • Perform deep cleaning of each component.
    • Let each component becomes completely dry, so wait for almost an hour.
    • Afterwards, assemble all the parts in their correct position.
    • Now plug-in the machine, switch it ON and you will see that clean light indicator has switched off.

    Steps to Clean Mr. Coffee

    4. Steps to Clean Mr. Coffee

    Steps for cleaning Mr. Coffee are as follows:

    • Whenever deep cleaning is being performed, or even just exterior cleaning, the coffee machine must be unplugged to avoid electrocuting.
    • Wait for at least five minutes to let the machine cool down.
    • Remove the water reservoir along with the filter.
    • Remove all the leftover coffee or water from the reservoir.
    • In a gentle manner, wash both the filter and reservoir using soap and sponge.
    • In order to perform deep cleaning, you may use vinegar or lemon or baking soda as mentioned in the above guide. For each ingredient, the concentration is a bit different, so read the above guide properly before using any ingredient.
    • Now put new filter as well as carafe (filled with a cleaning ingredient and water) in the warming tray and press the CLEAN button on Mr. Coffee.
    • It will take almost an hour to finish the process, so do not interrupt the process in the middle.
    • After the cycle is completed, you can see that the water has become dark and dirty.
    • Dispose this water and rinse the carafe and filter again.

    Cleaning Routine of Mr. Coffee – Guidelines

    For hygiene as well as longevity of coffee machine, one must perform a normal cleaning daily. Cleaning the coffee maker regularly will not take that long, but it will ensure healthiness as well as a longer lifespan. To perform regular daily cleaning, you must rinse and wash at least the carafe as well as lid in a proper manner. 

    According to your usage, deep cleaning can be done fortnightly or monthly. In deep cleaning, you must perform a complete cleaning cycle of Mr. Coffee. In addition, rinse and wash each and every removable component in a proper manner. 

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    Regular Maintenance of Mr. Coffee

    Some tips regarding regular maintenance of Mr. Coffee are:

    • Rinse the carafe properly after every use.
    • Coffee should never be left in a carafe too long.
    • Perform deep cleaning with cleaning ingredients at least once a month.
    • Make sure the coffee maker is completely dry before switching ON.
    • Never interrupt any cycle in the middle.
    • In case of any fault, always consult the instructions manual for troubleshooting.

    How to Turn Off Flashing Clean Light on Mr. Coffee – Final Thoughts

    The clean light on Mr. Coffee is, no doubt, one of the paramount features. However, this cleaning light becomes a headache if it never goes off or keeps flashing. Hopefully, this detailed guide is an ultimate answer to all queries regarding How to Turn Off Flashing Clean Light on Mr. Coffee?

    If you have any suggestions for other methods to fix this flashing clean light on Mr. Coffee issue, feel free to share in the comments. 

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